Bloom Rainbow Flowers!

Thanks for coming to "Bloom Rainbow Flowers!"

June 26th Sunday, 12-4pmcollaborate with BX Ars Factory at Boogie on the Boulevard, 1040 Grand Concourse, Bronx.

June 26th was a special day!

I celebrated LGBTQ PRIDE with lesbian and gay Peekaboo-sculptures.

Beside these Peekaboos, I held WS for kids painting tires.

This set of tires will be a flowerpot.

Photo by Lauren M. Click, The Bronx Museum of the Arts

kids enjoy painting

kids enjoy painting

kids enjoy painting

aaaaaaaphoto by Trevon Blondet

Thanks BX Art Factory for inviting me to Boogie on the Boulevard event!

Zipper, a fashionable girl Peekaboo-characters has a label on the back.

Rodriguez, a charming guy Peekaboo- character has a label on the back.

Many passersby transformed to LGBTQ characters, celebrated the PRIDE, and enjoyed beautiful summer Sunday.

photo by Trevon Blondet

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