Peekaboo-kun, you would love them!:

A “PeekaBoo-kun” is a cutout board, which is carved and painted to represent humans, animals and objects at actual size, with a hole where people’s faces can show through.

“PeekaBoo-kuns” play an important role in allowing participants to create their own piece of work in our project.


We pick which Peekaboo-characters that will be used in the project, determined by a theme and places to be held. Besides we create new “Peekaboo-kuns” for site specificity. The characters often come from real residences in NYC. Each Peekaboo-kun has a description card about itself on the back. Here, we introduce just several Peekaboo-kuns from dozens of kinds in storage.

Anita, Chilly, “Me, foppish favorite! Shopping favorite! But as for what was bought, giving to a relative generally is a cover. Living in a palatial residence with a pool and living by an extended family- a dream. I’d like to be beautiful to my mother, grandma, and grand grandma. I also want many children. I was a dancer, now a housewife.”

Ineko, Poland, “I am a big fan of Japanese youth subculture. “INEKO” is my handle name for the internet. I post movies of my Karaoke singing, through my parents don’t know it.”

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