Our Story and Book at West Harlem

Art Show and Workshop at Harlem's Holiday Lighting Festival,

124th Street and Morningside Ave., New York

November 16th, Thursday 3~6 p.m.

Collaborated with The Uni Project

Rica set up new Peekaboo-sculpture of a girl playing jumping rope. The behind story of the Peekaboo was that she hated jumping rope because she exercised many times, but couldn’t be good at. She hid her rope under her bed. Life is not straight, but sometimes zigzag.

We prepared Zigzag books made from envelopes and cards in English, Chinese, Spanish, and Japanese. Passerby made Zigzag book from real life story of their zigzag ways. Participants and Rica collaborated making stories and art.

Creative participant made zigzag book by herself. Some picked about his favorite and dislike food. Some made just a zigzag book.

These are explanation labels on the back of Peekaboo-sculpture.

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