About the project:

We will use ‘Aliens’ as a term that denotes super-uniqueness or diversity. Our themes target both the discomfort and empathy that people have towards the diversity in concepts and lifestyles such as gender, age and race. Something that is very natural and ordinary to one person can be strange to others. At the same time, strangeness can also be exciting.


We want to foster the experience and expression of cultural difference as fun and exciting. We believe our project provides a place and unique moment where people can put their feet into someone else's shoes, and promote empathy with another person's discomfort and viewpoint. It is a way to build peace.


The installation is comprised of interactive sculptures I call ‘Peekaboo-sculptures’; sturdy thin-board painted cut-outs of an array of diverse and near life-sized representations of people. The face is cut out of the figure, so that the visitor can place his/her own face in its place from behind. During exhibitions, we hold workshops for free.

The project can be accommodated to fit any location, venue, occasion (indoor or outdoor), or public event of any size.  Our project size and scope depends on the collaborating organization. We also fit the project’s theme to be sensitive to each unique and diverse community. Past themes included “Diversity” in 2013, “Occupation” in 2014, and “Gender and outfit” in 2015. Aliens in New York project is fiscally supported by New York Foundation for the Arts since 2013.