Recycle More: Litter Less

・Corona Plaza, 7 Train-103rd Street, September 10, 1-4pm

・Diversity Plaza, 7 Train-74h Street, September 17, 1-4pm

Part of QUEENS CLEAN, Queens Art Intervention

Presented by RPGA Studio

Day 1: Recycle More!

Peekaboo-sculptures were set in front of supermarkets. People got a free reusable shopping bag and wrote their thoughts to recycle and clean on bubble sheets. Many people enjoyed Peekaboo-photo shooting.

Peekaboo-sculptures appeared at these green spots. City Fresh Market, Corona King Produce, Mom's Fresh Foods, and Sea Town Corona Fish and Farmer's Market.

Day 2: Litter Less!

I picked the Lady Liberty-Peekaboo board for Diversity Plaza. I translated “I will recycle” through Google, wrote English and Spanish on bubble and put on the Peekaboo board.

At the site, people came and wanted to help me to write their own languages. There were Hindi, Spanish, Bengal, Hebrew, Serbia, Tibet, Filipino, Portuguese, Taiwanese and etc. in total 11 languages. Once someone participated in the Peekaboo, he/she brought his/her friends so it kept me really busy. The main participants of Peekaboo-arts were families, but adults were majority participants at Diversity Plaza. I used a Polaroid camera and gave away a photo print at the site for their comittment to "Litter Less"

*** ***


I have never “recycle and clean” themed Peekaboo-sculpture project. It was a very nice challenge to me.

Especially on day 2, it was awesome that Lady Liberty Peekaboo was surrounded with multiple bubbles that people wrote their thoughts in their own languages. That would make everybody feel all people love our New York City.

This is a short video by RPGA.

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