Pregnant Women and Families

Sunday, June 11th, 10am-12pm

Part of “Mompreneurs’ Summer Show & Tell”

Astoria Park

The themes for this time were Pregnant Women and Families.

I am pleased to announce that it was my first opportunity to work as a partnership.

Yes! This was not a just collaboration but we have worked together. I can’t believe the day like this came to me. I am very happy.

I am very pleased to introduce Christine Serdjenian Yearwood, founder of Up-Stand, to you.

Please visit her website.

I showed a pregnant woman Peekaboo, and a wearable sculpture with protruding stomachs to resemble pregnancy. We asked people to wear the belly sculpture, then simulate sitting and standing on a chair and trying to change simple clothes like socks and shoes. We wanted them to feel how different it is from general daily life.

Last year, I participated in a local small marketplace, Christine’s table was next to me. At first look, I loved her products. She sold pins, signs, and shirts that showing support to pregnant women. These were answers that I looked for. I created Pregnant Woman Peekaboo-sculpture in 2014. Since then I have asked people to see the world with imagination and empathy to pregnant woman after participation to the Peekaboo- sculpture. I have felt that it is not difficult make people empathize, but not easy to change their daily action for incursive society. My art is good for people to communicate, emphasize, and understand each other. Her products are good for making people act. I asked right away to Christie if we were able to work together.

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