Who Are You?

Sunday, May 6th, 12-4pm

Part of “Cherry Blossom Festival”

Fields 62 & 63, Randall’s Island Park, New York

The theme for this time was Japanese culture. We set four Peekaboo-sculptures. Through Japanese related Peekaboo-sculptures and explanation labels, visitors enjoyed and learned about Japanese culture.

We wore Yukata(Traditional cloth Kimono) at the site and explained visitors more details of Japanese characters .

Hakama Girl, Hakata festival man, Blue Kimono Girl, Hakama martial arts master, Peekaboo-sculptures were set near under the Hell Gate Bridge, and looked beautiful. I showed three portable Peekaboos there too.

They were not directly related to Japanese culture. However, they were good for small kids and group photo sessions.

People enjoyed reading explanation labels about Japanese character and culture.

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