Pregnant Women and families at Boogie!

Art Show and Workshops at Boogie On The Boulevard outdoor event, Bronx

August 20th, 2017, 12-4pm

The project was presented by UPSTAND x Rica

We set a tent for information table, and a pin making workshop. There were two big signs for explanation about the project/history and how to part in the project.

We explained how the world changed when we were pregnant, and asked participants to see the world with empathy to pregnant women.

Many young men, women, and even elder men tried the Belly sculpture that has weighs 20-lbs; this is the average belly of a pregnant woman. Actually there were water bottles inside the sculpture.

Make Your Own Pin Workshop, 2 ¼” button.

After trying the interactive sculpture, participants wrote their commitment to support pregnant women and new parents in their own languages, and then created their own pins on site. At the pilot event we held, 50 participants participated in the pin making workshop in four hours. Participants take these pins to display on their bags or person while they are in public locations to show their support.

This image is our further plan for 2018. The exhibit will have walled two tents 10x10ft. A guest artist will be stationed at one tent; the other tent will be a private lactation tent near a diaper changing station. There will be priority seating there too. These accommodations enable people to stay and enjoy events for a much longer period of time rather than rushing home to breastfeed, pump, or change a diaper.

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